The Trailer: Resistance 3 (Gamescom)

Resistance 3’s box art comes to life.

Gamescom may be over, but there are still trickles of tidbits and whatnot coming out of Cologne while others head to Seattle for PAX this weekend. Thankfully, for those of us that never made it to Germany, Sony’s PlayStation.Blog has got us covered for PlayStation news, more specifically Resistance 3. We’ve seen from the last trailer for Insomniac’s latest entry that “You are the Resistance”. We got the back story as to why you’re headed to New York City, but this time around we get a more artsy version of the tale, told from a survivor. Featuring the artwork from the box art (seen on the right), this Resistance 3 Gamescom trailer should hold you over for another two weeks.

Pretty right? Sure, there’s no gameplay, and not too much that we haven’t hear before, but it’s nice to look at. Take up arms against the Chimera on your PS3 one last time (supposedly) on September 6th.

Via the [PlayStation.Blog]

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