Long Live PlayStation

Kevin Butler is back.

So you remember that whole PlayStation Network fiasco earlier in the summer? Yeah, it was pretty terrible. No syncing trophies, no new downloadables, no updates (okay, that wasn’t too bad), and no playing with friends. Well, another tragedy struck around that time, a lack of PlayStation’s leading man, Kevin Butler. He made a comeback afterwards but then apparently retired. Fear not Sony fans, your VP of everything is out of retirement and he’s launching Sony’s newest campaign: “Long Live Play”. Seriously, who is better equipped to do that than Kevin Butler. Answer: no one. Check out the latest PlayStation commercial, courtesy of the PlayStation.Blog.

Okay, so maybe it’s a little weird to get excited about having a guy who does commercials back doing commercials, but I do associate Kevin Butler with PlayStation. His ridiculousness makes commercials fun. And can you even name a spokesperson for Nintendo or Microsoft? Didn’t think so. Sony knows what they’re doing (most of the time).

So what is “Long Live Play”? Two years ago Sony launched “It Only Does Everything” (which was abused during the PSN Outage) alongside Kevin Butler himself. Now, Sony’s out to celebrate the people who have made PlayStation possible, the gamers. Not just the 20-somethings and kiddos, but as Scott Steinberg, PlayStation’s VP of product marketing, puts it “gamers from all walks of life”. Sony has already started the process of switching to this latest branding, so be on the look out for it today. And don’t forget, with the PS3’s recent price drop to $249.99, now is a good a time as any to pick up the powerhouse console.

Long Live Play.

Via the [PlayStation.Blog]

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