The Trailer: The Hunger Games (Volunteer)

Katniss Everdeen, come on down!

It’s February, which means two things. 1. The Super Bowl is soon, this weekend in fact. 2. March is almost here. What does March being close mean (and by close we still mean a month away)? Well it means The Hunger Games will be in theaters soon. Also, the whole Super Bowl thing means that there will probably tons of new commercials, and even trailers. One of those in particular is for the aforementioned Hunger Games. But why wait through a five hour football game to hopefully get a chance to watch a minute long trailer when you have the Internet? This precisely the reason why we bring to you the latest trailer for the this book-to-movie.

This trailer seems pretty Katniss heavy, with Peeta only showing up briefly. Then again, it’s only a minute long. The premiere of The Hunger Games is only 49 days away. Get excited. Or don’t, if that’s your thing.

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