hi-koo #42 – Travis English

Going minimal has never looked so good.

Are you looking for some minimalist art to hang on your walls? Perhaps a movie poster or two? Well look no further. This week’s hi-koo featured artist has got you covered on both fronts. Check him out.

Travis English

Straight out of Austin, Texas, home of Rooster Teeth, Whole Foods, barbecue, a variety of video game companies, and so much more, comes Travis English. What does Travis have to offer in the midst of that talent and food? A minimalist take on art, movies in particular. Just what does that look like? Well, check out this piece for Batman Begins featured to the right. Simple, yet effective. Travis has got this minimalist style down pat, packing his portfolio with posters for tons of movies, but like many geeky artists, he shines where his heart is, and that happens to be Star Wars (and Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings).

Over at Travis’ Tumblr page [The Bear Jedi] you’ll immediately get the feeling that he’s a Star Wars fan (if the user name of akastarwarskid didn’t give it away). You’ll be able to flip through pages upon pages of posters, with a good chunk focused on the aforementioned saga. The one thing that separates Travis from other Star Wars artists is that he actually loves the prequels. In fact, he was quoted saying the following over at [Blurppy]

“I’ll probably be crucified for saying this, but I love the prequels, like obsessed. From a filmmaker’s standpoint, they’re not the best in regards to acting, but for me they just extend the fantastical world they exist in and I’m jealous every day that I don’t get to live there.”

Don’t go all Anakin Skywalker on him for that, because I think he has a valid point. The prequels have allowed us to go further and live within the Star Wars universe longer, and isn’t that something we all really want? Well, Travis can help you out there with a ton of Star Wars (and other movie) posters to grace your personal Echo Base. You can purchase them on [Etsy], and be sure to scroll through his Tumblr page too (and follow it), to check out all the great stuff.

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