Quantic Dream’s “Kara” Tech Demo is Amazing

Quantic Dream? More like Quantic Reality.

The Game Developers’ Conference (GDC) has been going on for the past few days and many teams have been showing off what they are capable of as per usual, but developer Quantic Dream (the folks behind Heavy Rain) demonstrated on Wednesday the boundaries that they are pushing between performance and video game. Heavy Rain was recognized by many to have incredibly realistic graphics, and the features of the human characters were extremely well done. Quantic Dream has taken that a step further, still using the PS3, in this tech demo about an android named Kara.

Didn’t that just make you tear up a bit. Be honest.

So, are we out of the Uncanny Valley yet? Honestly, looking at this video, I think we may be getting there. Kara is not Quantic Dream’s next video game, but it definitely shows off what the PS3 still has to offer, and the direction of video game virtual performances. And according to [Wired] the entire performance was done in one take. Impressive.

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Via [PlayStation.Blog]

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