The Fastest Ocarina of Time Speed Run Ever

This guy might actually be the Hero of Time.

My oldest friends and I sometimes decide to boot up Ocarina of Time on multiple systems, across multiple TVs, and see who can finish the game the fastest. Generally it takes us a weekend, but that’s because of the breaks, the swimming, the cooking, and the storytelling we end up doing in the midst of it all. Still, the fastest time any of us could muster is probably in the ballpark of 10 hours or so. Well, one Zelda player has bent the space-time continuum to the point of completing Ocarina of Time in 25 minutes. Minutes!

Using some clever tricks, this player bypasses some of the opening parts of the game and mysteriously goes from Inside the Deku Tree straight to Ganon’s Castle. All while still being young Link. Watch it and see for yourself. The earlier steps are pretty easy to follow and there doesn’t seem to be anything too glitchy until you see him beat Gohma, when everything just goes “WTF”.

So you can beat OoT in 25 minutes. Congratulations. But you’re kind of missing the point right? The story, the journey itself is what matters. That’s where all the fun comes in for me and my friends. We enjoy remembering all of the twists and turns of the many temples, or not remembering in the case of the Water Temple. We enjoy the music, and the many memories the game has brought us over the years. So what is the point of beating it in 25 minutes? Well, probably proving once and for all that you are the Hero of Time.

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