It Takes Two: How Many Types Of People Are There?

Hollywood breaks down just how many two types of people there are.

The duality of man is a very deep subject. Like two sides to every coin are there only two sides to every person? Philosophers have studies this for centuries, but it has only taken Hollywood half of one to put it all together. Here’s your supercut of “There Are Two Kinds of People In This World” courtesy of Hollywood and James Chapman.

I lost track after there were more than 20 kinds of people in this world. So here’s your assignment for the week: What are you? An Elvis lover or Beatles lover? An astronomer or an astronaut? A guy with a rope around his neck or the one who can cut it? Or any of the other 50 or so types of people? I expect an essay of no less than 1000 words by next Tuesday.

Via [I Watch Stuff]

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