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What’s up Internet! If you’ve stumbled into 1amgeek then welcome. I’m Marcus, and I’ll be the geek in charge around here. However, I don’t want all the credit (nor do I want to do all the work) so feel free to submit posts or ideas or anything really. Send these things to and I’ll do my best to respond.

So a little about me. I am a pretty big geek (see picture to the left) and this is not my job. I’m currently a full-time graduate student in an Astrophysics PhD program at RIT which keeps me decently busy, but I still find time to run and post here at 1amgeek as well as create some digital art which can be found [here]. I’m always looking for collaborators and competitors. I own every current gen system, PS2, Sega Genesis, Gameboy Color, DS Lite, 3DS and I have a PS Vita on the way. My gamertag for both the PSN and Xbox Live is Archymedius, so feel free to friend me or challenge me or you know, put me in my place online anytime. I’m an avid cinephile so you’ll probably find lots of opinions about movies here as I have an extensive library. I enjoy watching and discussing TV shows and a few of my faves are Chuck, Stargate Universe, How I Met Your Mother, Castle, Bones, Psych, and the list goes on. I enjoy lots of styles of music, but no country please.

Also, I have never seen the Wizard of Oz (and I try hard to keep it that way), and I don’t own an umbrella.

Feel free to follow me on [Twitter] or [Tumblr], both are under the name Archymedius (are we seeing a trend here?). Oh, and if you’re on [MyIGN] or [Rooster Teeth] we should be friends. Once again, same name, Archymedius.

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"Game Over is not an Option" is my motto.